Nun’s Cross Farm is a well known landmark on the ‘high Moor’ to most of us Dartmoor trekkers. The Dartmoor Rescue Group have used to as a base to co-ordinate call-outs on the Southern Moor and is currently used as a temporary bunk-house and can even be hired out.

The house was built-in 1870 by John Hooper who had leased the land from the Dutchy of Cornwall and after he and his wife took occupancy in 1871, they proceeded to raise a family. Mr & Mrs Hooper lived well into their 90’s and after that the house itself fell into disrepair and dilapidation. These days, after a little restoration, Nun’s Cross Farm is run by a local school as a bunkhouse and base predominantly for school parties, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Ten Tors etc.

The cross close by to the farm is often referred to as ‘Nun’s Cross’ but it’s real name is actually Siward’s Cross (Sometimes spelt Syward) and is documented as far back as 1240. It lies on the famous Abbot’s Way which is a 23 mile monastic route across Dartmoor that the monks of Buckfastleigh followed to take them to Tavistock Abbey. The whole route is marked with stone crosses, some of it is on well established tracks and other parts across open moorland.


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