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Dartmoor National Park
DNP Dartmoor National Park are respnosible for the conservation & enhancement of Dartmoor, it's landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage.They operate three Information Centres, ranger services, support work within communities and develop and maintain access oppotunities to the countryside. Their site offers a wealth of help and advice for anyone planning a trip to the moor.
Dartmoor Training Area
range This site is a really important one to check before planning a walk on the moor. Dartmoor is split into three military ranges that have restricted access during times of live firing. An up to date celendar is published on this site so you are able to check the status of military activity while planning your route. Although they strive to ensure the accuracy of the data you still need to be careful when entering the ranges and check for red flags and lights (at night)
Dartmoor entry in Wikipedia
Wiki Wikipedia contains lots of information relating to Dartmoor ranging from it's geology and history right through to the controversial aspects of ownership and freedom to roam.

And clicking this section will direct you to Wikipedia's condensed list of Dartmoor Tors & Hills.
Legendary Dartmooregendary Dartmoor
Legendary Dartmoor This site aims to provide an overview of the many aspects of Dartmoor in the hope that they will inspire people to visit the moor and discover the numerous 'Gems in a Granite Setting' for themselves. Some of the tales and stories within the site date way back in time whiel others litereally happened yesterday but all go together to make an ever evolving heritage of Dartmoor.
Dartmoor Walks
Dartmoor Walks I first came across this site a couple of years ago and have found it of great use in helping to plan walks, give me an idea of what to expect in places as well as a walk guide that points out interesting observations as you go along.
Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage Perfect for walkers and visitors to Dartmoor alike. Off the A386 Tavistock to Oakhampton road lies the village of Peter Tavy. Rose Cottage, a slate hung cottage is on the edge of the village and sits in a pretty cottage garden full of bird song and flowers. The ideal place if you are looking for B&B Dartmoor. There are four bedrooms for guests to enjoy...


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