Great Mis Tor

Something a little more challenging was chosen for my second outing. It’s been a while since I have been out doing serious walking on the Moor so I wanted to ease back into it. This walk wasn’t particularly long or hard but offered a reasonable challenge at the time.

I parked my car at Rundlestone close to the gate that leads to the North Hessary Tor transmitter station (SX575749 / PL20 6SS) by the famous red phone box. I pulled up on the grass to one side to make sure I didn’t block access at all. Initially I walked down the road (towards Tavistock) for about 100m until I passed the farm-house and immediately on the right took the bridleway that leads up onto the Moor. The easiest thing about this walk is that the path leads right to the top of Great Mis Tor.

The path climbed gently up, steeper on the lower section as you pass between the fields and farm buildings but as continued along, it opened up on to the Moor. It had rained a lot when I did this walk and so I was finding that the path was muddy in places and as I passed the last field on the right hand side, it started to get quite boggy. I think looking back, it would have been better to have pushed over more to the left and away from the field boundary and boggy area.

I knew there was a proper track that ran right by Little Mis Tor so I headed straight for that Tor knowing that the ground would be a little more forgiving and from there I followed the track up to the main granite outcrops at the summit of Great Mis Tor.

Merrivale Range Marker

Although not the highest tor on Dartmoor, the views from the summit of Great Mis Tor are quite something as it towers over its neighbours. Immediately to the west are Roos Tor and the Staple Tors with Beardown Tor distant to the East. There was a steady breeze blowing the day I was up there and some days it can be gale force on the top. I climbed onto the rocks and up to the Merrivale range marker that’s perched on the top of one of the rock stacks to get the full effect of the views from the summit. I’ve sat on the top of Great Mis Tor many times over the years and it never fails to take my breath away. There are stunning views to be had all over Dartmoor and it’s hard to pick a favourite…. but this place comes close.

I climbed back down and found a sheltered spot between some rocks lower down and got my Crusader lit and a brew on. There’s nothing quite like brewing up out in the open. I enjoyed my tea, had something to eat and then decided to head back. I followed the same track back (avoiding the boggy areas) the 2km to the car.

Walk Summary

This walk is 4.8km / 3.0mi
Great Mis Tor lies inside the MERRIVALE military range. Please check the schedule before venturing into this area
There are no bogs


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